Price List

We all know putting on a wedding, party or event can be stressful and expensive.  So to make life just a little bit easier, I’ve priced up one package and currently I can cater for 1 to 80 guests.  I can also offer bespoke packages, so please contact me if you would like a quote for your event.

For £4 per person, I offer “The Whole Shebang” package:

  • Matching or mis-matched teacup and saucer, tea plate (6″ – 7″)
  • Vintage teaspoon
  • Vintage cake fork
  • Vintage butter knife
  • Three tier cake stand*
  • Teapot *
  • Milk jug *
  • Sugar bowl*

Items marked with a * are for one between 5 people

Vintage items to hire on an individual basis:

  • Matching or mis-matched teacup and saucer…£1.00
  • Matching or mismatched tea plate (6″ – 7″)…£0.50
  • Teapot/Coffee pot… £4.00
  • Milk jug…£1.00
  • Sugar bowl…£1.00
  • Cake plate/sandwich plate…£1.00
  • Flat (without stem) glass cake stand…£2.00
  • Flat-stemmed glass cake stand…£3.00
  • Two tier cake stand…£3.50
  • Three tier cake stand…£5.00
  • Mis-matched teaspoon…£0.20
  • Mis-matched butter/tea knife…£0.20
  • Mis-matched cake fork…£0.20
  • Sugar tongs…£1.00
  • Cake slice/Large knife…£1.00

Due to the age of the china and the wearing on the pattern and gilt, please leave the washing up to me!  Just gently scrape off any food and throw away any liquids before packing up the china.  The china is not dishwasher or microwave proof so if it is being re-used at your event, please wash it carefully by hand.

Please take the time to read the Terms and Conditions below.
Martha and Maud- Terms and Conditions – April 2021